Digital social networks: a tool to promote peace?

Image Digital social networks: a tool to promote peace?

Traditionally, people used to pass on information through the Digital social networking relies aural-to-mouth tradition. Later on, people have relied on the use of such mass media as the television, newspapers and radios to get informed on anything when social media and digital tools were not yet available.

However, in the modern world, it is commonplace to use digital social networking to keep abreast of everything which is going on around the world. Indeed, social media have facilitated communication and transmission of information among people. Therefore, digital social networks have got an important role in people's daily lives. How can digital social networking promote peace?

Digital media facilitate value sharing

Digital social networks can be used to reach a large audience of people in no time at all. Digital tools like Google Classroom and Quizlet can be used to give peace education to its community members. Other digital tools like Scratch, Socrative and Khan Academy are popular to enhance peace education and learning.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to travel to a distant school to get any training. Digital tools are available and can engage learners in understanding the values of peace as well as how to attain peace.

Digital social networks can prevent conflicts

Social media and digital tools can be used to spark conflicts within a community. Recently, several people have been involved in transmitting wrong information to each other through social media. Cases of teen students who use digital social networks to cheat at school are alarming. In addition, in few countries, corrupt officials lure students to use digital social networks to cheat on a difficult school subject.

Apart from that, studies have revealed the use of digital social networks by criminals to organized crime or to threaten people online. However, every social networker has become aware of how dangerous it is to plan breaches of peace through social networks. Awareness of the severe punishments of the digital criminals can deter further crimes among the users.

Digital social networks as tools for peace education

The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat uses digital tools with applications to teach people about peace. Through the TPRF or The Prem Rawat Foundation, the peace advocate shares words of peace in electronic tablets to impart inmates with the culture and values of serenity. The TPRF is a non-profit charity organization based in the USA.

Using digital social networks to enhance peace among nations

Internet-based applications which enable users to generate and share contents and make comments are the most effective to engage users in peace-building activities. User-generated contents which allow participants to post texts or digital photos, and where they can also give their comments, are interesting ways to promote peace among community members as well as internationally.

Using digital social networks to enhance cultural diversity

Digital social media induce peace among communities if members from different ethnic groups and origins are encouraged to share their cultural diversity to each other. To achieve this purpose, it is primordial to create a piece-building tool or page where members can contribute to the establishment of sustainable peace.

Besides, it is essential to teach users to respect and appreciate the values of cultural differences. In brief, it is crucial to explore the hidden power of digital social networks in communication and information sharing to inspire people about peace building and promote harmony in the world.